I’m plus size and ordered a Shein swimsuit – here’s what it looked like on my body and one that was too confusing


A plus size fashion fan has proven that you don’t have to spend the money when it comes to bikinis.

Kaitlyn Moore, who is from the United States and posts under the acronym @sassandcellulite, took to ICT Tac and shared a video of her swimsuit from cheap online retailer, Shein.


Plus-size fashion fan Kaitlyn Moore shared a video of her swimsuit from SheinCredit: tiktok/@sassandcellulite
Kaitlyn said one of the bikinis was way too confusing to put on


Kaitlyn said one of the bikinis was way too confusing to put onCredit: tiktok/@sassandcellulite

In the clip, she begins, “I ordered swimsuits from Shein…I couldn’t help it.”

“OK, first off we have the peaches. I like this top, I think it’s really fun, a nice blanket, it supports me.”

However, she notes, “I’m not really sure about this climb, it’s like it’s not high enough or low enough – she doesn’t know what she wants to be.”

It’s cute, a little cheeky – what do we think?”

Next, Kaitlyn tries on a two-tone one-shoulder bikini with tie detail.

“I love the colors of this one,” she enthuses. “I don’t remember how it’s worn…”

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After stepping away from the camera and taking a quick look at the photo on the site, she comes back and says, “It’s just the little tie on one side – like that. It’s cute, it has a nice cover.”

I really like this color combo. I can feel that one, it’s cute!”

Kaitlyn then tries on a lilac bikini and exclaims, “That’s the one that made me stop and shop.”

“How cute? The purple, the flowers, it’s so cute! Ok, it’s not Barbie, it’s Polly Pocket – am I right? If you know, you know.”

The fashion fan then tries on a textured white two-piece bikini.

“It looks a lot like a hotel dress,” she explains. “Not quite soft but it’s a texture.”

It’s cute! I like it, it’s really comfortable, it’s very transparent.”

Kaitlyn then turns her attention to a baby pink colored bikini – only she struggles to figure out how to put it on.

“That can’t be true,” she laughs. “So apparently I was supposed to get into it.” It’s weird.

What do we think of this? The back is cute and I want it in front.”

The post has since garnered an impressive 270,000 views and has been inundated with comments.

“You literally look stunning in every one of them!” wrote one.

A second wrote: “Jaw dropped the second I saw you in the first.”

A third commented, “The peach one is gorgeous! You look great in it.”

Another praised: “The peaches look so perfect – definitely my favourite.”

Meanwhile, another added, “You look stunning in all of them.”

And another enthused: “You look GORGEOUS in the first one! I really like the white too! Maybe it will soften in the wash?”


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